Just Me

Hi I’m Denise,
A wife, mother, cook, homemaker, confidant, nurse, gardener, cycle buddy, designer / maker and most recently grandmother

Our most precious grand daughter Poppy
A bit about Me:
I have worked within the textile industry for over thirty years, as I've breezed through these decades I feel I've gained a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of the industry. I left school and went straight into factory work as a machinist. Back then we had a thriving textile industry and there where ample jobs to be had. I worked for companies such as John Collier, Marks and Spencers and Belstaff International. All these Factories are now closed and gone abroad. Just as the industry was in decline, I met my husband we married and started our family. Always keeping my 'hand in' so to speak, I made garments and soft furnishings for small amounts of pin money while the kids were growing up. As a teenager I always dreamed of going to art college and  in 1998 with the support of my husband and kids  I embarked on a degree course. I graduated in 2001 with a BA Hons degree in International textiles and surface pattern design. On finishing my degree I worked as a freelance designer and also began a career in teaching.  Teaching Art and design and fine art textiles from ages 11 to adults. After a number of years I made a decision to leave teaching. The presure of the job stiffled my own creativity, so I decided to make a change and continue to pursue my creative talent within the medium of fabrics, print and embroidery. I continue to work in my studio at home, striving to find my niché market. I’m currently working on making one off designer cushions mostly to commission as this is my preferred way of working; I love the challenges of fulfilling clients’ specifications. I’m hoping that by using this blog along with other internet platforms that I reach a much broader audience. thanks for stopping by to read about Me.